Mike Ryan - (Founder) - 2003 - Present

Mike Ryan founded this organization in 2002, his story is one of recovery and change from a life of crime, violence, punishment and addiction. As Executive and Program Director of Clean Scene, Mike helps youth deal with life changes, through facilitating the learning of effective thinking skills. He also holds the position of senior mentor for the Live Your Magic program which is designed to facilitate a transformation in the lives of youth aged 12-17.

 Jason Jackson - (Youth Mentor) - 2017 - Present

Jason began working with Clean Scene as a mentor for the Live Your Magic program after meeting Mike Ryan. Once hearing what Clean Scene does in the community he knew that it was an organization that he wanted to be involved with. He has been a youth Mentor since October 2017 and was very excited for all the wonderful partnerships we can continue to build in 2018. Working very closely with local Schools, Youth Centres, Businesses and other community-based organizations is something that is very important to him.

Ed Aryee - Mental Health Therapist and Mentor 2019 - Present