Youth aged 12-29 - We have been there, we understand! Clean Scene mentors have experienced their own addiction issues in the past and understand what it is like to struggle with addiction and the circumstances that come from addiction. Whether it is loss of friends, poor family connections, job loss, or mental health. We have programs that can help you find a work experience placement. We have partners who regularly give us Oilers tickets. We have a program that can facilitate you getting in to treatment. Whatever you would like to achieve, we have mentors who can guide and facilitate your journey to success. 

Parents - We know this wasn't part of your plan for your child. Nobody ever expects that their loved ones will grow in to young adults with an addiction and we understand that. We understand that you may be ashamed and this can often be the first barrier to you seeking guidance. Do I give my child money for drugs to keep them out of prison? Do I kick my child out of my house, but then they might overdose and die in a ditch? We understand the questions you will be asking as a parent and we are here to help and guide you in to being the best parent that your child may need through this difficult period in their lives. We would love to speak with you, please reach out to us. It could save a life.