Welcome to Clean Scene !

We’re a registered Canadian charity dedicated to educating and supporting youth in their development of drug and addiction free lives.

We recognize that drug use, addiction and related involvement in crime are the results of  making poor choices.

Initially, these choices are made due to lack of relevant information,  an abundance of misinformation and not knowing who to trust when you need answers to those “sensitive” questions.

We’ve been there. We understand.
We’re here for you.

It's Been Brought to Our Attention

Attention… it has been brought to our attention that we AREN’T the first place you think of when confronted with drug questions or concerns!

In an effort to change that, the Youth Steering Committee would like to hold a promotional fundraiser “Coffee House” featuring live music performed by local bands…leave your comments and  suggestions at mailbox@cleanscene.ca

Clean Scene News

Clean Scene has been around a while and we’ve made more than a few changes.  We’ve  met hundreds of interesting people, we’ve added programs and services - learning as much as we’ve taught along the way.

To better address the concerns and goals youth have  shared with us,  we have restructured our website to involve you... and invite you to help us with a new logo.

Take a chance -  make YOUR mark !
Details are on the YOUTH page.